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"Today is your opportunity to let go of your yesterday."   ~tf

Tonya Ferguson is an Author, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Life Changer.  She paints colorful landscapes of truth about real life struggles with the songs and books she writes.  She frames those landscapes with Eternal Hope, Steadfast Faith, Everlasting Courage, God's Promises, Endless Encouragement, Truth and Healing.  Tonya's delivery takes you on a personal, intimate, and healing journey, by sowing a "Seed of Need" into your life's soil.
Tonya is no stranger to the pain and sorrow life can bring at times.  She personally knows the crippling condition grief leaves you in, as you face each morning without the sun.  Her life, and every breath, was overwhelmed with grief, loss, and Caregiving on many sunless days. 

As devastating as that was for her, she has learned that she's able to encourage and guide others in a very intimate and unique way, because of all she has endured.  Sharing her Journey to Inspire others is WHAT SHE'S HERE TO DO.

This is a new season in Tonya's life.  She learned the benefits of "Embracing Change," and now shares those life changing and invaluable benefits with others.  Through her Real, Relevant, and Relatable voice in her book, music, one on one, and blogging, Tonya shares the wisdom and lessons she's learned, allowing lives to be changed from chaos and pain, into peace and healing.  She invites you to walk alongside her on her journey.

Tonya's Faith is Unshakable
Tonya's Joy is Unmistakable
Tonya's Love for God is Unstoppable
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"to remember love"
two promises
that led me to
the notes
in the ashes

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In 2010, Tonya's song "That Day," was selected as finalist in the 12th annual Great American Song Contest. Over 1600 songwriters competed, from 45 countries.
Member of National Association of Professional Women 2012
who gives me STRENGTH.

Philippians 4:13