Living This "Thing" Called Life Together

little inspirations 


is a word that is defined by
individual perception and belief.

If you refuse to perceive or believe
that something is impossible for you,
then it won't be impossible."


little inspirations 

"To grow taller than all the other trees,
the tree must first must grow the deepest roots.
It's important for us to know what lies beneath us, before we can rise above it."

little inspirations 

"You may not have all the answers.
You may feel like you can't take any more.
You may be lost and all alone.
All you may have is the strength to JUST HOLD ON.
Just know that tomorrow will come.


little inspirations 

"Sometimes we need to close our eyes,
to see beyond the distractions.

Sometimes we need to close our ears,
to hear beyond the distractions.

Sometimes we need to close our mouths,
to not become one of the distractions."


practical life lessons 

"What begins as a thought, and then comes out of our mouths in words, is the thing that will fashion the very life we will live.  WE, are the determining factor of whether we live a positive life or a negative life.  It's up to US.  No circumstance or situation has to define our lives unless we allow it to.

The fact is, there IS life and death in the power of the tongue and we need to be cautious of the words we say because we WILL eat what we speak.  And what we eat is what fuels our bodies.

We need to be aware of our thoughts before they become the words we speak out loud.  We must filter our thoughts and carefully choose what we let spill out of our mouths, because they will take root in our lives.

Don't say negative things
about yourself, your health, or
your life, unless you want those
things to be the fuel your life
runs on.  Or maybe I should say
the fuel your life TRIES to run on.

We all know there are times when
things don't go quite like we'd like
them to in our lives.  But instead
of us edifying those things by
magnifying them with negative
words, we need to speak things
that are not as though they were.

So, let's all CREATE a great and
wonderful life.  And while we're
at it, let's help those around us
do the same thing."  ~tf


little inspirations 


"Some people look at the storms that they go through in life as only a negative thing.
My family CHOOSES to see storms in a different light, because we always come out on the other side of the storm stronger, wiser, and deeper rooted than we were when we went into it.

We look at our storms as a time of reflection, growth, and incredible opportunities for change.

So, as my family prepares for all that this new storm we are weathering may bring our way, we are ready!

Our strength grows every time we fly INTO a storm."