Living This "Thing" Called Life Together

little inspirations 


"Some people look at the storms that they go through in life as only a negative thing.
My family CHOOSES to see storms in a different light, because we always come out on the other side of the storm stronger, wiser, and deeper rooted than we were when we went into it.

We look at our storms as a time of reflection, growth, and incredible opportunities for change.

So, as my family prepares for all that this new storm we are weathering may bring our way, we are ready!

Our strength grows every time we fly INTO a storm."


my life in words 

Instead of tallying up the good and bad of 2013, I've decided to lump it all together and just be Thankful I was alive in 2013.

In 2013:

Every day I woke up and went to sleep.
Every day I breathed.
Every day I laughed.
Every day I saw the sun rise and the sun set.
Every day I shared Joy with someone or shared tears.
Every day I loved and was loved.
Every day I had a comfortable home to live in and food to eat.
Every day I had a car to get me where I needed to go.
Every day I was hugged.
Every day I missed my mom & dad, but didn't always have to shed tears.
Every day I cherished the people who genuinely cared about me.
Every day I looked forward to the next day.
Every day I did not take good health for granted.
Every day I put someone else's needs before mine.
Every day I tried to find the best in it.
Every day I was Blessed.   

Now, I eagerly look forward to what 2014 will hold for me and my family.  But again, I will not be tallying up the good and the bad, I will merely be Thankful for "Every Day" that I am alive in 2014.  And that, my dear friends, is my Prayer for You too. 

Happy New Year!!!